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English 211 is a speaking course designed with the aim of equipping students with the essential speaking skills they need to cope with the English language as medium of instruction. Therefore, the course revolves around two main focuses: academic speaking and presentation skills. To this end, the course offers a theme based approach where all four skills are integrated to foster various speaking opportunities. Since the main focus of the course is on speaking, the listening, reading and writing tasks will serve as springboard to either generate or to complement speaking. The emphasis put on variety, language skills and the balance between input and practice throughout the course will help students become more confident, autonomous and competent speakers of English.

ENG 211 COURSE COORDINATORS: Sumru Alptoğan & Evrim Yalçın


Academic Speaking Skills Sound of English Tracks:

Unit 2 p.39 Minimal Pair Distinction

Unit 2 p.40 Minimal Pair Distinction

Unit 4 p.107 Intonation Practice


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