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(Course Code: 6390312)
This course focuses on developing the speaking skill in English through
(a) basic speaking functions in English at sentence level,
(b) various daily- life situations,
(c) up-to-date topics and materials.

English 312 is a learner-centered and integrated-skill based course that aims at developing students mainly in speaking skill both in academic and non-academic contexts. Tasks including various functions and situations of speaking will be integrated with up-to-date and authentic materials to enable students to express themselves spontaneously, fluently, and in the appropriate manner in the target language. The task types include monologues and dialogues accompanied by pronunciation, intonation, stress and grammar activities when required. The reading and listening skills will be utilized as a means for speaking outcomes, and the writing skill will mainly function as a self-reflection tool.
The overall aim of this course is to develop students’ speaking skill both in academic and non-academic context and to enable them to speak spontaneously, fluently, and in the appropriate manner in the target language.  In this course, students will practice the following skills:

Students will practice:
1. identifying register and language structure in different contexts
2. initiating small talks and discussions
3. maintaining small talks and discussions
4. closing small talks and discussions
5. expressing opinion
6. asking questions for different purposes
7. handling comments and questions
8. making requests
9. giving suggestions
10. giving directions
11. giving instructions
12. describing a person or place
13. turn-taking and back-channeling
14. correct pronunciation, stress and intonation
15. vocabulary retention
16. paraphrasing

Students will practice:
1. identifying key ideas in a text
2. recognizing the relationship between ideas in a text
3. identifying the writer’s technique
4. summarizing
5. making inferences from a reading text
6. reacting to the ideas in a text

Students will practice:
1. listening for a specific purpose
2. listening for main ideas
3. listening for implied ideas
4. listening and note-taking

Students will:
1. keep a vocabulary journal
2. keep a record of their own progress through journal entries.

Pre-requisite: Minimum DD from ENG 211.

The course materials will be adapted from authentic sources by the instructor and students, and they will be revised and redesigned every term if necessary; mainly they will be a compilation of scenarios, language structures, gambits, a range of authentic visual and audio materials, and reading texts.

In-class tasks: Two role-plays and four discussions
Quizzes: Two listening quizzes    30 %
20 %
Journal    20%
Interview: The final exam     30%

Each interview session will be held by two students and two instructors and will include three parts:
I.    Instructor-student dialogue
II.    Student monologue
III.    Student-student dialogue

•    This is a 3-credit course; you are allowed 7 hours of absence. You will get an “NA” grade if you exceed this limit. If you miss an in-class graded task, quiz or the interview, or you do not submit the portfolio on due date, you will not be given a make-up unless you have an official medical report.
•    It is your responsibility to catch up to the class and to make-up any work. Missing the class does not excuse you from not turning in assignments.
•    The catalogue system is used for this course.