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We are an outstanding family of distinguished language instructors offering courses in English and other foreign languages. At present, our faculty include 72 instructors teaching English courses and 20 teaching other foreign languages - German, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, Chinese and Turkish as a Foreign Language. Our faculty members come from a diversity of cultural backgrounds including China, Germany, Italy, Japan and the US. Read more...



dikkat işareti ile ilgili görsel sonucu  2015-3 MIDTERM and FINAL DATES


ENG 101

Midterm: July 28, 2016 (Thursday) 18:00

Final: August 21, 2016 (Sunday) 09:00

2015-16 Summer ENG 101 Midterm announcement


ENG 102

Midterm: July 27, 2016 (Wednesday) 18:00

Final: August 20, 2016 (Saturday) 12:00

2015-16 Summer ENG 102 Midterm Exam announcement


ENG 211

Midterm: July 27, 2016 (Wednesday) 18:00

2015-16 Summer ENG 211 Midterm exam announcement


ENG 311

Final: August 21, 2016 (Sunday) 15:00




dikkat işareti ile ilgili görsel sonucu  Modern Languages Department will be providing service in Academic Writing Center in MM Building on the third floor during summer semester.


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