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We are an We are an outstanding family of distinguished language instructors offering courses in English and other foreign languages. At present, our faculty include 72 instructors teaching English courses and 20 teaching other foreign languages - German, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, Chinese and Turkish as a Foreign Language. Our faculty members come from a diversity of cultural backgrounds including China, Germany, Italy, Japan and the US. Read more...


ENG 102 Midterm Make-up Exam Places

ENG 102 & ENG 211 Midterm Make-Up Exams Places (Updated)

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Attandance is mandotary for all English courses. Students are advised to start attending classes as soon as possible. Those who have not been registered yet should attend an appropriate section until their add-drop procedures are complete. Thereafter, all students must be attending their registered sections. However, keep in mind that attending classes does not guarantee a place in that course and section. 




2013- 2014 SPRING Term Project Preferences

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